I work as a webmaster for various places including those found on the clients page (obviously my desires are to be involved with organizations that are at least of Christian leadership)

Many people have asked what my pricing is for me to administer and act as a conduit for the hosting itself. Normally I will simply act as the hosting provider handling any and all aspects of the domain name, email, and the website hosting itself. There is some information that I must have in order to start anything in addition to money to pay the others, to get the form for this, e-mail me.

Standard Hosting Rates are listed on the Pricing Page

If you are a church or already have a website started, and would like me to work with you on your website, let me know and I will determine appropriate prices for you.

The reason why I chose the name that I have above, “infoChi Christian Computing” is to state who I am. I am a Christian. With this, it does not say that I will only work with Christians in regards to the services I am able to provide, but it does say that I will follow the Bible and Christian principles in how I do things.