Website: Hosted: $12.50/month – includes DNS for one domain name (Registration of the domain name is a separate charge), MySQL needs, up to 250 MB of website space, FTP access to the same space.

Website: My Feet Wet: $19.09/year – includes 50 MB of website space and a domain name at * This is like a personal website with a regular hosting company

Website Pointing – $5.00/month – the website pointing is for pointing a second domain name to the website of another domain name that is located on another webserver.

Website Parking: $5.00/month – the website parking is for hosting a second domain name on the files of another website.

Domain Name Registration: $15.00/year per domain name – This includes domain names that end with .com .net .org – other domain names can be obtained easily, I have access to more than 650 different tlds, please ask for information.

Additional Hosting Space – Information Coming Soon, for now if this is needed please ask, but it is available

Discounts Available – It is often common to discount the price of services when paying in advance, Hosting prices are listed in bulk needs.

Terms of Service – How and when invoices are sent.

A pricing list, for making a starter website is available here.

A partner product by infoChi Christian Computing is called Reachout Wizard. The purpose of this service is to help reachout to the customers, it began as a way of managing invites for a party.

For further information on hosting, please contact us. I try to have the price for my products/services available. I also strive to have a quality service that is seen as helpful for the needs of each individual customer.